Friday, April 16, 2010

Meerkats at Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort

It may look as an ordinary animals for some people especially for those living in South Africa and Botswana,  but for me these are rare animals and seeing them for real is kinda fascinating. Photos shown above were taken last Sunday at the Al Ain Zoo. It was a sunny and lazy Sunday for them (I guess) when all of the sudden a loud noise disturbed them. They were all keen to see what's going on with their surroundings :)

Meerkats are small animals from the kingdom of animalia with a scientific name of Suricata suricatta and a member of mongoose family. For more information about these critters, click here.

Word of the day: sagheer is the arabic word for small. Salaam!


  1. Wonderful shots of the meerkats. they are cool looking critters.

  2. haha, they look cute and yes, i haven;t seen them yet,
    they're so tiny pala! thnx for the info, don;t even know they're from africa...^0^

  3. Even as a South African, Misalyn, I find them very fascinating. We come across them often on our trips through SA: often have to slow down on the tar road to avoid hitting them with the bike. Cute little things...

  4. They almost look like what we call prairie dogs (but I realize they are not), very cool!

  5. You are able to take amazing photography, making life and its content proud to be within.
    Guess small Stefan would love to play with them ;)
    One can only hope that mankind treats them well enough to remain for a long time to come.
    A wonderful Sunday for you all.

    daily athens

  6. I would find them fascinating too!


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