Tuesday, April 20, 2010

KFC's Service Crew Members

A Filipino and an Egyptian service crew members of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) at Al Ain Mall.
Kuwait Food Company-Sharjah is the Emirates branch of the Americana Group that deals with the operation of the international franchises like Hardee's, TGIF's, Krispy Kreme, KFC and Pizza Hut.

Aside from the mouth-watering burgers, I also like KFC's refreshing frozen drink full of real bitz, the Krushers, especially nowadays because it's summer time here in the UAE; but don't ask me about the compensation and benefits of their employees because I might give you a real grimace :(

Photo shown above was taken a month ago before I left Al Ain City for a short three-week vacation in the Philippines. I and my brother were waiting for my sister-in-law to take her break so that we can eat together at Ponderosa Steak House and Restaurant. Before the break, the POS machine must be checked and all the sales must be counted. The Egyptian crew member was counting the UAE currency notes  and when I asked them if I can take a picture, they gladly posed for me. My sister-in-law was a bit shy and decided not be included in the said shot.

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Word of the day: ahmar is the arabic word for red. Salaam and have a nice day fellow bloggers!


  1. Hi there..ya, I think KFC got themselves into hot water over in the UK? How nice though..so you guys took off to the Steak House? Sounds fun! I bet you have some real special places you like to go to!
    Hope you had a wonderful lunch!
    My best, Regina-

  2. Love this image. i used visit your town, when l lived in Dubai over 20 years ago. changed a bit since then l would think! Happy Ruby Tuesday to you my friendxlynda

  3. The new international language: fast food.

  4. Aha, kala ko sa Pinas ro hwhwhw.. Nakabalik ka na ba dyan sis?

    Valentine Rubies

  5. That is a really cute photo!
    Hope you had a great lunch.
    Betty xx

  6. i love his expression--cute and adorable.:p

    oh, you're back from vacation. i hope you were renewed and refreshed from your vacation.:p

  7. nice,nagposed sila say0...since vegetarian ak0 I never g0 to kfc kase di sila ngseserve ng vegan f0od,unlike pizza hut

  8. great picture and thanks for the vocabulary lesson learn a bit every day

  9. hi missy! cute post! mr. egyptian looks creepy though, haha,
    and yes, i'll have to try the krushers one of these days.

  10. Cute shot. Looks like they enjoyed posing.

  11. I do not know whether to laugh or cry...I think i will laugh.

  12. Ah namasyal ka sa Pinas? How nice! It maybe an expense on your part but its an income for your country.

    Just think about if all of the 8 million Filipinos abroad will visit their home town at least once a year?

  13. I am the original! Both of them have charming smiles!


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