Monday, April 5, 2010


One of the things that I’ve noticed about the Emaratis is their fondness for sweets, from the date fruits to chocolates. I have also noticed that chocolates are always included as gifts even in a very simple occasion.  Even here in the hospital where I am working, I always notice that they are very fond of bringing sweets, especially the dates and chocolates, whenever they visit their sick relatives and friends.

Another thing that I've observed about most of the Emaratis is their sedentary lifestyle, which makes them prone for acquiring diseases like hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Of course, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet are some of the factors that we have to consider when we talk about diabetes mellitus.

According to the study and research conducted by Imperial College London Diabetes Centre which I have read in the Gulfnews and Khaleejtimes, Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most prevalent diseases in the United Arab Emirates. According to the report, UAE ranked second highest worldwide for diabetes prevalence.

There's nothing wrong in eating chocolates or any sweets as long as it is not contraindicated and it must be according to your specific dietary needs. Anything less or in excess is bad, right? After all, chocolates are simply irresistible :)

Word of the day: shokalah (pronounced as shokalata) is the arabic word for chocolate. Salaam!
Hmmm...where's my chocolate bar? Giggle


  1. Ah, chocolate!! I do love it, too, but do try to be sensible and I don't eat it too often or too much of it when I do indulge!! Very interesting post, Misalyn, and such tempting photos!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Mmm, Misalyn, what a scrumptious post... I love the way the Emeratis present their chocolates. Nevertheless, the cons are not so inviting are they? Are you back at work? How was your holiday? I'm still in South Africa - due back in Khartoum on Saturday. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. They do love their chocolate...a key member of our administration has announced his upcoming departure. Some of the admin staff 'celebrated' w/ chocolates the next day. ;)

  4. dami ko chocolates dito sis puro gifts ng mga tsekwa lahat galing japan and canada...pero di nga ko kumakain ng chocolates kaya busog mga friends ko....hehehe...musta bakasyon?

  5. Sounds familiar, as there wouldn't be any visit taking place over here without providing sweets, either chocolate or as cake.
    Must be the region, I guess.
    Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

  6. Weeee chocolates! I lurve chocolates so much but in moderation, thanks for the information Mis.

  7. Wow, the packaging is so pretty, it's almost a shame to open them up. Almost. ;)

  8. Dont open this packet..
    Looks like a showpiece packed..:)
    Chocolates makes my mouth water..

    First time here..
    Do visit my space..



  9. Hehehe! I won't miss a thing about chocolates, I do not have a sweet tooth! I am pretty much sure, they are dark chocolates, too!

    I love the gift wrapping, its visible!

  10. All things in moderation? Not with what you showed - they are beautiful and i see why there is a problem! Sigh!

  11. I love chocolate, but i don't eat lately, cause i'm tryingto lose some pounds.


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