Thursday, April 15, 2010

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort's Dinosaur Trail

I have been to the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort last Sunday. It was too hot and sunny day with blazing 37 degree Celsius all the way until around 12:00 o'clock mid day turning my face into a nice bright red almost matching my shirt :). I was too early and I waited for about 2 hours before I finally saw these incredible lifelike animatronic dinosaurs.

(images are clickable to enlarge)

As I walked in through the gates, I saw kids of all sizes and shapes, mostly students having their field trip, with a big grin lighting up their tiny cute faces but there were some kids who absolutely hated it and bawled their eyes out. 

A 15-minute walk through the Dino Trail enthralled me because these dinosaurs were moving, rolling eyes, spitting and they're pretty noisy. Seeing them up close and personal, I did found out the way they lived through the information posts in every dinosaur. Another thing that surprised me was the little merchandise store at the end. The prices were really reasonable. I bought 2 big dino pencils for my 6-year old  and 12-year old kids (they are coming back to live with us here in Al Ain City; they will be here before the school year starts, most probably by July).

Very educational and informative indeed though they could have added some more foliage in between to make it more realistic and they could have made the pathway wider and tarmaced especially for those guests and visitors using wheelchairs, otherwise it was fun and fascinating.

The Dino Trail is open through July 2010 and it's really affordable for a price of AED 25 (US $6) with the combination tickets for the wildlife park, and AED 15  for children between 3 and 12 years old. Tickets are for free for children less than 2 years old.

Word of the day: yawm al ahad is the arabic term for SundaySalaam!


  1. What a great trip you have taken us on! And what a great park! Your photos are marvelous as always, Misalyn! It's always a pleasure to visit your blog which is always interesting and informative! Hope your week has gone well. Thanks as always for your visit/comment, always appreciated!


  2. I thought dinosaurs were extinct?! I guess they've been all hiding in the UAE!

  3. Nice park sis!babalik na pala mga junakiz m0,di kana masasad.takecare

  4. yehey! you're up and about again! ^0^
    a visit to the zoo isn't my fave thing, but you sure made this interesting... i had fun reading your zoo galore. ^0^

  5. What a interesting entry of yours. Stefan would have loved it for sure, even though, there are certainly some creatures a bit fearful and I understand why some kids had difficulties.
    Even a greater joy to read about your happiness upon buying the pencils ! Makes on glad to read that you will have them near soon.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Friday.

    daily athens

  6. This is one fun place for kids and grown ups alike.

    They look so real!

  7. feeling ko nakapunta na rin ako dyan.. thanks for sharing sis!


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