Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Al Ain Oasis

Al Ain Oasis is located in the heart of the city and it covers a huge part of land that contains different varieties of date palm. It is divided into several sections for date farming that we couldn't even count. :)

According to the farmers, all plantations are irrigated by an ancient irrigation system of narrow waterways called falaj The water source comes from the mountain but it wasn't very evident to us since we've seen several water hoses. There was no water flowing onto the waterways during the time of our visit. The entire area is walled off by mud bricks but it looks like most of them have been renovated and reconstructed using some modern materials. There are old style houses which are mainly used by the farm workers as their accommodation and for storage of farming tools. I noticed that mosques are totally different compared to the mosques that I've seen in down town Al Ain. There are no minarets and domes. Almost all of them are of the same size, but big enough to accommodate at least 15 to 20 worshipers.

These photos were taken when I and my hubby visited Al Ain Oasis a month ago. We wanted to see and dine in at the Al Ain Oasis Restaurant but we feared that we might get lost because the oasis looks like a maze, so we decided not to explore the intricate routes. Anyway, we enjoyed looking at the date palm trees and I enjoyed listening to the chirping birds.  I must say that as we entered the oasis, we felt the tranquility as if we were not in a gulf country.

According to the farmers, the best way to explore and enjoy the tranquility of the oasis is through walking rather than driving. Next time I will take the farmers' suggestion but I'll see to it that I am wearing my sneakers or rubber shoes or else I might end up having some foot blisters.

For more information about the Al Ain Oasis, click here.

falaj system

I saw this farmer and I asked him if I can take some shots. I noticed that the waist sling called habool was already removed from the farmer's waist.

traditional arabic tents in the rest areas

Ali Bin Hamad Al-Muttawa Mosque 

one of the eight entrances

Word of the day: habool  is the arabic term for the waist sling used as an aid in climbing the tree.
Hope you like the photos! Salaam to all!


  1. An oasis in the city, sounds fascinating. The palms make it look inviting. Nice pictures!

  2. would say walking in such would be far better than driving! Looks absolutely wonderful

  3. Haven't heard of an oasis in the city, lucky you! Nice post Misalyn.


  4. Hi Lyn! It's been a while na. Kmusta ka na??

  5. It must be wonderful to have such a peaceful place in the heart of the city. I like the photo of the farmer in the tree.

  6. I soo love oasis and palm trees, for some reason.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Scenes of the Nature are really grand.
    It seems to spread through my very front immediately.

    Thank you for showing beautiful landscapes.

    Your photography is very splendid!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    And, I thank for your always admiring my calligraphy.

    Happy weekend.
    From the Far East.
    Best regards.


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