Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Theme day: Passageway

This is my first time to participate in City Daily Photo Theme Day, too bad because I'm late :-( .  Anyway, it is better to be late than never :)

Photos shown above are the passageways that I've seen at First Safeer Centre. Strategically located at Al Khabisi Community of Al Jimi District, about 10-minute drive from Al Ain Town Center. A perfect place for shopping because you can find wide array of shops and it has a big grocery store. Owned and managed by Al Safeer Group. A perfect place for the kids too because it has a nice playground and fast food stores are simply adjacent to it.

Word of the day: makhzan or bakala is the arabic term for store or shop.


  1. Ganda naman sis!lapit ka na uwi,sayang di me tuloy ngay0ng march. Ingat always!

  2. o hi Mis ! really nice fotos, i loved the one where pizza hut is shown.. it looks as if it's the olden times. lol

  3. love this shots girlash, pag ganyan ang structure ng pizza hut lagi akong tatambay sigurado ;)

    hope you are feeling better now Misalyn, so you can enjoy your holiday in Pinas, *hugs* :)

    weee!! excited na ko talaga girlash! ;)

  4. Wonderful passageway photos especially the top one which is magnificent! Well worth waiting for your theme day passageway photos!

  5. I am particularly enjoying the gentle colours in your photography and environment. This gives me ideas for some shots I can take in Vancouver.

  6. Oh Misalyn;) this fair took my breath away. Beautiful photos. How many days until you go on leave? I have one more day (tomorrow) and on Thursday we fly out to South Africa. Bless you my friend. Jo

  7. Beautiful captures, Misalyn, as always! What beautiful shopping center! And a Pizza Hut!!! That was a surprise! Hope your week is going well!


  8. If my Pizza Hut looked this good I might just stop and go in for lunch:) Nice shots.

  9. How nice to see. To be honest, more than you might imagine, I'd like to be there, as it for sure must be such different than here.

    Please have a wonderful Wednesday.


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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