Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roundabout Series: Al Qala Roundabout

Among the beautiful roundabouts here in Al Ain City, one of my favourites is the  Al Qala Roundabout. Located at Shakhboot Ibn Sultan Street and Zayed Al Awal Street, just few meters away from the Al Ahlia Store and First Safeer Center (see previous post) of Al Khabisi Community. We used to call this as the "Wedding Cake" Roundabout because there was a huge fortress/castle at the center of it that looked a little like a three-layer wedding cake but apparently it was removed in the 3rd quarter of 2006.

I had a chance to visit and photographed the said roundabout after the rain. It was windy, the sky was gloomy, clouds were all gray, and there was a thin layer of fog making the backdrop a bit hazy.

There are 5 step fountain leading to the big fountain adjacent to the seven date palm trees at the center of the roundabout.

I still managed to smile though I was really barking like a dog (and still coughing till this time :-( Sigh*). Hubby  told me to hold my breath for a while and after 10 snaps, these are the results.

the seven date palm trees at the center of the roundabout (with hubby walking towards the sprinklers haha)

I saw some tiny yellow flowers at the outermost layer of the roundabout

red and white flowers at Shakhboot Ibn Sultan Street

white flowers at Zayed Al Awal Street

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed it.
For more watery posts, visit 2sweetnsaxy at Watery Wednesday and for more outdoor posts, visit Susan at Outdoor Wednesday. Thank you 2sweetnsaxy and Susan.

Word of the day: matar is the arabic word for the rain. Salaam to all!


  1. Lovely shots of a delightful looking place! Always enjoy the tours you take us on, Misalyn! Hope your cold is getting better!


  2. great shots sis,i love the fountain....

    off topic:
    hope okey ka na,ako hindi padin mag 2 months na ubo ko,kainis pero madalang naman,minsan makating makati lalamunan ko para ko di makahinga.

  3. Lovely photos , Misalyn!
    Thanks for this pictorial tour of such wonderful places.
    Betty xx

  4. Wishing you two always a happy and wonderful round-about of life.
    Amazing photography - you are indeed very good.

  5. Beautiful fountain and flower garden. Looks like a lovely roundabout!

  6. You still had the virus? Glad to see you're going around the city, you need some break and fresh air.


  7. Great pictures. I love the green - four months of white is enough. thanks for brightening my day.

  8. very nice pix. i like roundabouts, we don't have many around here, which is a pity.

  9. Besides the round about and the garden flowers, I love the dancing fountain!

    You better take care of that cold! Rest, my dear Misalyn!

  10. Lovely post, Misalyn;)I hope you're soon better. Your holiday will remedy your ongoing cold. Amen! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog today. As you know, I'm determined to learn Arabic and value all the help you give me. Bless you my friend. Speak to you from South Africa later this week!

  11. Hi Lyn! I hope you're better now.. Great photos and cute pose too.. hehehe

  12. Simply beautiful...the whole entire area.

    My Wednesday photo is a BROWN PELICAN at the marina [I also have another photo, by link, of the same pelican that is much better...a close up on my photo blog].


    Hope your Wednesday is treating you well.

  13. I can understand why this would be your favorite. I like the stepped fountain too, those beautiful palm trees,and the different shapes and textures of the stones and tiles that the designers used.

  14. hi missy! ^0^ i hope you're feelin better already, i know how it is when the weather changes, so frustrating!
    cute shots though, doesn;t look like you're coughing the least. ^0^
    get well soon!
    oh! did i say superb fotos even with gloomy weather? ^0^

  15. Thanks for sharing such a lovely pat of your world through your lens. Really nice and I enjoyed it.

  16. Great collection here of Al Ain Roundabouts =)

    Firt we drove to Al Ain - we were warned it is a City of Roundabouts =)

  17. I just read your comment on my blog! Nice to see you drop into cherylandron. We are loving China but already looking to leave and perhaps return to the UAE. Your blog is so professional and fantastic! And I love the pics of Al Ain - great memories. Have a look at my artwork at cherylmalloy.blogspot - love to hear your comments! If we return to the UE we must meet up for a coffee!


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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