Thursday, March 18, 2010

Al Ain National Museum #5

This is the last part of the series, am featuring the Archeological section of Al Ain National Museum which contains finds from the Stone age to the Islamic Period. Its oldest discoveries testifies the human occupation nearly 7,500 years ago.

 (click the images to enlarge)
I truly enjoyed looking at the artifacts like the pottery, stone vessels and copper objects. Most of the artifacts have been dated and they included the place where it was discovered. An extensive collection of old coins, stone lids,  fine arrowheads and  stone scrapers are all great and amazing.

Bronze and Stone Vessels discovered at Al Qattarah

A half-sized  copy of the entrance of the Grand Tomb at Hili Garden and an Um An-nar Stone

Bronze socketed spearheads, daggers, and dirks discovered during the re-excavations at Al Qattarah Tomb in 1988. These are dated 1800 B.C.

Bronze weapons discovered at Hili/North Tomb

from Al Qattarah- a collection of old jewelries, pottery and bronze

Coinage of Abbasid Era and Coinage of Islamic States

Coinage of Omayyads Era
I must say that, if you want to see and experience the real Emarati culture and tradition, go to Al Ain and if you want to experience the western life style while you're in UAE, go to Dubai and Central Abu Dhabi. I told my husband that there's only one place in UAE that I'd like to's Al Ain City.

That's all folks. I hope you enjoyed the Al Ain National Museum Series and please excuse me for being so slow these past few days. Am having a hard time with my internet connection here in Daet, Camarines Norte and with the kids around, it's very difficult to concentrate. My blogging activities will definitely return to its normal pace once my vacation is over. For the meantime, please bear with me.

Word of the day: ijahza is the arabic word for vacation. Salaam!!
Have a great weekend!! Click HERE to read the previous post:.


  1. Interesting, very interesting. But something puzzles me... How did you get out of the big pot? :)

  2. Great post as always, Misalyn! What a fabulous museum! And your photos are terrific! I would love to visit there! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. AMAZING...
    thanks so much for posting! A tour from my own kitchen table...

  4. That looks like a GREAT museum! Did you have it all to yourself? I'm surprised "they" let you take so many photos... museums here shake their finger at me!
    I like your light-hearted approach!
    : - )

  5. I enjoy looking at the ancient pottery. It's amazing how big some of those pieces are.

  6. Great p0st,y0ur very lucky to take ph0t0s sis,s0me museums are n0t available f0r
    Taking camera inside.g0od day to y0u.

  7. waw!
    mula nung nagtour kami sa 10 museum ata yun dito sa manila, nagustuhan ko na ang mga museums!
    buti pwede magpic...

    hello po!

    ^ - ^

  8. A nice little side trip for my day. Thanks!

  9. the museum looks so clean and white!
    and great interesting finds...

  10. Thank you for introducing the Arabic history.
    They are very important treasure.

    I thank for your always admiring my calligraphy.
    I am glad that I was able to meet a good understanding person you.



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