Friday, February 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday- Random Sky Shots

This is the Hazza Mosque at 3rd street of Al Mutaredh District that I featured few weeks ago ( Jan. 31st to be exact) with gloomy sky, this time it's sunny with lovely clouds.

Sheikh Zayed Roundabout by day. I've posted an entry about the said roundabout but it was by night. With these photos you can see the details of the statue of Sheikh Zayed.

looking at the sun by the date palm tree

Just want to share this information especially for those who are planning to travel here in Al Ain City.  Say you are travelling from emirate of Dubai to Al Ain City via Dubai-Al Ain road, one indication that you are in the emirate of Abu Dhabi ( Al Ain belongs to the emirate of Abu Dhabi) is the presence of date palm trees that separates the road according to the direction of travel.

Entry post for Skywatch Friday hosted by Klaus with Team members Slyvia, Louise, Wren, Sandy and Fishing Guy. Thank you Skywatch team.

Word of the day: usbuu' is the arabic word for (a) week. Example: one week: wahid usbuu', two weeks: ith'nayn usbuu'. 

Salaam to all! Happy sky watching!


  1. enjoyed your series. i especially love the second one.

  2. Love that shot through the date palm. (and date palms;)

  3. What a wonderful, interesting series of shots, Misalyn! Always love your composition. Such lovely clouds and skies! Have a great weekend!


  4. Wonderful set of skywatch photos, I love the first shot, great angle.

  5. Lovely sky, building and sculpture. I especially like the lighting in the third shot.

  6. Interesting roundabout sculpture!
    Beautiful Skies , thanks for sharing

  7. I would probably get many times lost, while spending more time looking into the sky, than on the road ahead. Thank you for this "escape" into your blue skies.
    A wonderful Friday for you all.

  8. Cool about the date trees!
    Looks very nice I am enjoying this visit.

  9. that's an interesting statue.:p

    i enjoyed my "visit", thank you!

  10. Wow nice date palm trees on a warm and bright sunny day! Happy Friday Mis! Will take you advise when I get there. Thanks.


  11. I so vey much love the palm trees, Misalyn, for an inexclicable reason.
    Loved the clous so beautiful phtography skills you have!

  12. The statue of Sheikh Zayed is so unique. Quite amazing too. But my favorite photo has got to be that wide road with such gorgeous trees!

    Happy Friday and happy weekend, Misalyn!

  13. Hi Lyn! Naku tagal ko ata hindi nakadaan dito sa page mo sensya na naging bz lang talaga ang lola.. hehehe..

    As usual ang ganda talaga dyan sa kinaroroonan mo para na rin ako nkapunta dyan dahil sa mga pictures. thanks for sharing..

  14. Hi Misalyn, I am missing a lot of beautiful posts here. A lot of catching up, too. Love the egals and guthra photos. Love the prints, too. The statue of Zayed is a well done structure.
    I will see you around.

  15. I love your beautiful blue skies and all of the sights of your city. I would love to visit there someday.


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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