Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roundabout Series: Sheikh Mubarak Roundabout

A huge roundabout at Al Khrais Com. of Al Jimi District, one block north of the Al Baladiya Roundabout and named after the first Minister of Defense of the UAE.

It is has a beautiful landscape with well trimmed plants, 4 date palm trees and some beautiful small flowers. 

The center of the roundabout is the statue of an incense burner. 
You might want to know how huge is the statue of the incense burner that's why I have included these photos.

After taking few snaps, I was looking for the name of the street and found this one, I loved the effects of the light in this photo.

Based on my personal observations, this roundabout signifies the culture and tradition of every emarati family, as incense burner is very typical to burn their bakhour or bakhoor which makes their houses fragrant. I will post a separate entry regarding bakhour, incense burners, incense sticks and arabian perfumes sometime next week.

Word of the day: 'atar is the arabic word for perfume. Salaam to all!


  1. Oh how I love these places, wish to visit this place too.

    Bacolod and Beyond

  2. hi missy!
    grabe! humongous incense naman...^0^
    was this taken after your night shift?! wala lang, you look a little tired lang, hehe, maybe, not so clear lang ang foto...
    regardless, it looks great during nighttime. ^0^

    curious to see the perfume series you'll be featuring... ^0^
    take care!

  3. Princess Sarah,
    thanks for the visit. hope to see you again here.

    @ arabesque,

    yes sissy these fotos were taken after a tiring shift but a day shift ( our day shift is from 7am-7pm), it really reflected in my shots plus it was a bit foggy. Hope to take some day shots and will edit this post.

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. ganda naman sis....kelan kaya komakakpasyal diyan,hehhehhehe

  5. Hehehe, yung incense burner ang laki, para yung cement maker!

  6. What a joy to "go" round and round of your photography, which is indeed very good. Thank you for taking us on this journey.
    Please have a wonderful weekend you all.

  7. Good Morning. I've been trying to find this roundabout on Google Earth, so I think I've matched it up with your pictures. Is there a big tower to the north? I am driving in on late Tuesday night and the only landmark I have is the Natalie Chocolates north of this roundabout. but that won't show on Google Earth of course. I am thinking HWY 66 from dubai, right on Bani Yas Street, left at the next roundabout (may have 2 round towers) and keep driving until I see the chocolate shop. Otherwise it's the Jimi Mall which is on Google Earth. Thanks.


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