Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Odd and Odder"

Just right after the PICU's first anniversary party last February 6, my hubby and I went to Al Ain Mall because my brother and sis-in-law were having a dinner at Ponderosa Steak House and they have invited us to  join them.

Anyway, moving on to my post for today, I have seen this fountain at the west wing of the mall going to Al Ain Megamart (a grocery store inside the mall). For me, it looks odd to see this kind of theme considering that it was a week before the Valentine's Day but I really enjoyed looking at the dinosaur replicas and the fountain itself hahaha.

I was about to take few more snaps when one of the security guards approached us and told us that it's prohibited to take pictures without the family or somebody who wants to be photographed. They wanted the fountain as a backdrop, we cannot take pictures of the fountain alone as a subject. Khalas! I did not argue with him. Anyway, I have these photos hahahaha. 

You know,sometimes I am stubborn....I took this shot when I saw that it's even odder to see the dolphins in the fountain with those dinosaur replicas. Am I right?

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Word of the day: ana is the arabic word for I or me. Salaam to all!


  1. Nice mall and a cool looking fountain. Great shots!

  2. You wonder why not just the photo of the fountain? That IS odd!!

    My Wednesday post is OCEAN TIDE. I'd love you to visit!! Have a great day.

  3. hahhahaha,i agree with you sis....its not actually right to put dolphins and dinosours together but that's their idea of art hahhahhaha...and what matters are you just took another great shots..hehhehhehe.kudos to you sis!

  4. Very odd indeed, especially for Valentine. But I like them! Dinosaurs have always fascinated me. Prehistoric love, anyone? :)

  5. Great mall photos of the surprising dinosaurs and dolphins! I can relate to the photo security issue - once after taking photos in our posh grocery store, the asst. store manager and another employee chased after me and said, "we understand you've been taking photos in our store..."

  6. The shadow of a dinosaur on my mango successfully makes it appearence over here.

    Sound complicated again? OMG....

    But I have a "simple" explaination if you would like re-visit again.

    Have a good day.

  7. Cool fountain and great shots!

  8. It is fun to see dinosaurs inside the shopping mall. Nice shots!

  9. Terrific shots as always, Misalyn! Have to admit that I never thought about dinosaurs in a shopping mall and particularly on Valentine's Day, but it is a fascinating fountain! Hope your week has gone well so far!


  10. these fotos are really cute ..honestly!

  11. Oh Misalyn, you are amazing. I also wondered about the dolphins in that fountain... Thanks for the colourful post. (((Hugs))) Jo

  12. Very strict regarding photo regulations.

    I like the fountain. It works for me regardless of the season.

    Thanks for visiting (

  13. So malls (and the security people) are the same every where???
    Now that is an education!

  14. You are so very right, that life demands far more than understanding it, most of all saying yes to it.
    Am still searching in my mind for the deeper, hidden connection between those animals ;)
    Please have a wonderful Wednesday you all.

  15. very odd and still beautiful! Hi Lyn! long time no hear hehehe...


  16. Hmm I just wonder why taking photos in the mall are phohibited, it's the same thing here.


  17. hay, i hate things that are "bawal" esp. if the reasons are preposterous! ^0^
    like i said, you got a knack for taking fotos, always on the right angle and fast! hehe. ^0^


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