Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newspaper Delivery man

I spotted this newspaper delivery man at Khalifa Street reading(?) the Gulfnews while on his midmorning break. He's from Kerala, India. When I asked his permission, he said yes but I felt his reluctance. I was not so sure if he understood me because both of us can speak basic arabic only and in between the conversation, I heard some words that I didn't understand.

Shops, stores, offices and other establishments along downtown Al Ain opens at 09:00 A.M. during weekdays and 05:00 P.M. on Fridays (weekend is friday and saturday). Before nine o'clock, you will see the newspaper delivery men along the residential areas. The most common form of transpost service that they are using are the motorcycles and bicycles.

By the way, Gulfnews and Khaleej Times are the popular english newspapers here in UAE. Arabic newspapers, newspapers written in other languages and Al Ain Times (a weekly tabloid newspaper written in arabic and english) are also available.

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Word of the day: khaleej is the arabic word for gulf. Example: Khaleej al Arabi- the arabian gulf.

Salaam to all! Have a wonderful weekend my blogging friends!


  1. A beauty and with your new friend looking right at the camera!

  2. I really like this shot Misalyn, a nice look at everyday life. At least he doesn't have to go looking for a newspaper before taking a break.

  3. I like the shot, but you must tell me how it fells not being conversant in Arabic (at least that is what I understand from you and please correct me)? I have no problems with other people in our country not speaking English for instance, but it must be difficult. For my part, I would feel comfortable in a Spanish speaking country because I am considered conversant in the language (not always grammatically correct, okay almost never grammatically correct, but I can get my ideas and needs across, even in medical terms).
    I would not try that in a French speaking country because they would ignore me (speaking a very poor French) that is).

  4. Misalyn! The Sepia is AMAZING! The Indian Man looks really great here in the Photo! You captured how he feels at the very moment!

    By the way? You'll be here this March? That's Great! I've replied to your Post on my Latest! Hope you get to read it :)


  5. Hi Bill, Blue and Judy. Thanks for the visit and for your comments.

    Judy,yes, at least he doesn't have to look for a newspaper during his breaks. Wondering though if he's really reading it or scanning the pages.

    @Joey (whitemist),

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. I can speak basic arabic and I can converse with those people who are like me...i mean non-muslim expat migrant workers. i know that my arabic is always grammatically incorrect. It is really frustrating when you want to convey something and the one whom you are talking with can't understand what you are saying. That was exactly what i felt during that time. I heard him saying yes when I was asking him like, Are you on break? can I disturb you for a while? is it okay? etc. (pleasantries) When I started asking like "Wen Bilad?" he answered " India"...

  6. Misalyn;) it looks like a photo from the 1920's. Brilliant! Oh I wish I was a conversant in Arabic as you are. Thanks again for all your help. One day soon, I should be able to string the words together ! (Hugs) Jo

  7. u managed to charm him to let u take his shot. and it is a great shot too. he is so natural

  8. Haha...he really did gave you a nice pose for this one Mis.


  9. Nice portrait of the newspaper man reading his own paper - and yes it is always amusing trying to communicate with someone in a language neither knows well! Thanks for the photo.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  10. awesome shot sis..mau kay nisugot si delivery man...ngpacute sya sa picture ba hehehhe...thanks for the info about the place..

    mine's here

  11. I always loved photos of daily life.
    That one just got me!
    And thanks so much Misalyn for your lobely comments on my bloG.
    WIsh you a great weekend!
    Betty hugs

  12. Hi there Misalyn..I really like this and know just what you mean as far as approaching folks. Very natural! Thanks for the bit of info too- highlights your post quite well. My best, Regina-

  13. Great photo and interesting information about everyday life. I enjoy learning about your city.

  14. Great image. I love the look you got (and captured so well).

  15. hi thats my first visit to your blog
    & i am an Indian too but not from Kerala

  16. Very nice! I like streetphotos! You were lucky who got him to pose :o)

  17. This is amazing! Great perspective!
    I like this in sepia tones:)
    Thank for your visit:)

  18. That is a great picture. I love his look, as if he had been caught putting the finger in the jam pot. I guess he has a good job :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  19. I love the tones of this photograph. Just curious, is the background a trash bin? I see reflections.

    He did pose for you.

    P.S. I will send you how I did the mosaic in a separate email.

  20. the tone in the picture put a lot of intensity in the image, great shot Misalyn.

  21. This is a good shot. Just look into the eyes of your subject that converys a deeper message. Is it trust, or otherwise?

    This visit is part of my follower appreciation day. Have a great week now.

  22. Indeed a wonderful photography.

    It was one of my first jobs as well. Getting up every Sunday at four in the morning, delivering newspapers until about eight. Did this for five years.


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