Tuesday, February 23, 2010


These are essentially the sandals that are worn by the Emarati males, common to other male nationals of gulf countries too like Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Kuwait and Oman. Here in UAE, I noticed that those emaratis living in Dubai wear shoes, whereas those in Abu Dhabi (including Al Ain) and other emirates wear sandals most of the time. Perhaps the reason behind this is that Dubai is highly urbanized compared to Abu Dhabi and other emirates or simply they are more nationalistic than those living in Dubai. Hmmm I don't think so. Maybe it is the influence of the 'white' people and other cultures. Dubai is 'home' to expats. What do you think?

Last week, I've been to Emirates Commercial Complex (will post a separate entry about this) and luckily one of the shop owners allowed me to take some pictures. Photos shown below are na-aals made in Italy, carrying the famous brand name of Pierre Cardin. Made from the finest and smooth leathers. You can simply pick from the classic white, brown and black to the vibrant orange and mahogany brown or ask the sales person if they have the color that you desire.

(click the photos to enlarge)

Price ranges from AED 699 to AED 2,399 (USD 190 to USD 651) for a pair of na-aal. Whew! I told my husband that I won't spend that much for a sandal.

And look what hubby and I found in one of the shops in Al Thouba.....na-aals for a price of AED 100 to AED 300 (don't look at my hubby's dry skin hahahaha). Cheaper and affordable :-)

Word of the day:  rakhees or rakhis is the arabic word for cheap. Salaam to all!

(will visit your blogs tomorrow, I need to get some sleep, am still on tonight. Ahhh..night duties...)


  1. clever and good buy girlash ;) ganyan din kami looking for sale kasi naman yung iba yung name lang talaga ng brand ang binabayaran di ba? getting ready coming home ;)

  2. ui!
    nalala ko yung kaklase ko na two hours ata nag-ikot sa kakapili ng sandals!
    wla rin syang napili...


    gusto ko nyan!!!


    hi misalyn!

  3. those are my types of footwear. but the prices are well over my range :(

  4. Those na-aals might look very simple but the variety of materials truly made it fashionable men's footwear! Their like Birkenstocks' Sandals and those sturdy sandals from our Marikina :D Love this post Misalyn!


  5. Hmm maybe people in Dubai wear shoes and people in Abu Dhabi wear sandals cause it's hotter in Abu Dhabi? Haha just guessing! :) If I could, I'd wear sandals all the time! It's just cooler. In any case, they look comfortable and stylish at the same time. And yes, like Steven, it reminds me of good ol' Marikina shoes.

  6. I love wearing sandals lalo na kung balat,but since naging vegetarian ak0 I tried n0t t0 buy pr0ducts na may animal c0ntain,per0 fave k0 talaga sandals. Musta na sis?may 0ffline me sa ym m0!

  7. You can find anything there!
    Loved the idea of shoes photo, Misalyn

  8. wow! $600+ on a sandal, i would have ask the salesman if there a diamond embedded on those sandals.lol...we can go for a long weekend in paris with that amount of money.

    it looks such a fine quality. ohhhh! i am loving your camera, misalyn. it is so clear and with such depth in each image...waaaaaa, inggit ako naalala ko tuloy yung camera na gusto ko..waaa!


  9. I own one of those na-al. Very comfy to the feet. I even bought one for my father and took it with me to PI. He loved it.

    I bought it rakhis. I think only SAR 60 a pair.

  10. Can't wait for summer to arrive, when I do wear sandals as well, of course much cheaper than these - they are for sure much more comfortable during the warm months than shoes.

    A very interesting entry of yours indeed. Please have you all a nice Friday.

  11. I love the wedge sandals, I can't wear close shoes.

    They look like good quality leather.

  12. grabe ang price ng branded! ^0^
    dollar talaga, but they do look comfortable.


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