Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My World Tuesday- Jebel Hafeet Part 2

Continuing last week's entry on one of the highest mountains here in UAE, the Jebel Hafeet.

Last thursday evening, we planned to visit Jebel Hafeet on friday morning before the sun rises. We were so excited to see what is it like viewing the Al Ain City at the top of the mountain. Been there for several times but usually by night with hot weather. We wanted to try what is it like going there with nice and cold temperature.

On our way to the foothills of Jebel Hafeet, we were welcomed by these sceneries:
(please click the images to enlarge)
east (Sanaiya District)

Al Ain Cement Factory at Sanaiya District

I continued to take some snaps as we approached the foothills

and the trail started here..

I continued to take pictures as I feel the cool breeze of the early morning air...

awed by the mixture of clouds and fog 

and the sun continued to spread its rays into the horizon while I was taking this picture of the fences...

 the weeds and plants...

and some cell sites...

I noticed this beautiful place beside the Mercure Grand Hotel ( a five star hotel )

the Mercure Grand Hotel ( click the link for info)

some guests of  Grand Mercure Hotel as they jogged back to the hotel from the top of the mountain

we were almost at the top when I saw this palace ( maybe a palace of the Al Nahyan royals?)

I asked my hubby to pull over and pose for a shot hahahaha (it was so cold)

of course I won't let it passed by, I asked him to take some pictures too

a closer shot of the palace 

after few snaps, my hubby continued to drive as I continued to click....and after few minutes we reached the top of the mountain

We enjoyed looking at the rugged mountains, encountered some campers, met some photographers and guests of Grand Mercure Hotel...and even the wild cats ( Monochrome weekend entry) and some migratory birds.

That was our early morning visit to Jebel Hafeet and this is my entry for  My World Tuesday hosted by Klaus with team members Slyvia, Wren, Louise, Sandy and Fishing Guy. Go and visit the site to see the other side of the world.

Word of the day: hawwa is the arabic term for wind or air. Salaam to all!


  1. Sounds and looks as though you had a marvelous trip! Beautiful captures, Misalyn, as always! Thanks for taking us along! Such interesting places!! Enjoy your week!


  2. thank you for the road trip, i truly enjoyed it.

  3. These are really amazing views..you guys look cute. Talk about a castle on a hill there! I can imagine what it must look like on the inside..hmm, maybe not to sure? Terrific shots Misalyn!
    Hope you have a great week-
    Regards, Regina-

  4. Wow, Misalyn! What a beautiful and scenic morning drive you had! Beautiful photos!

  5. I have heard of the extreme weather, the hot and the cold. Your photos have showed us more than just a glimpse of your world. The palace looks so gorgeous standing amid rugged rocks.
    It was a wonderful cyber journey.

    P.S. Believe na ako sa stamina mo as an RN at photographic adventures mo. New grad at RN na rin ang anak ko, kaya lang kailangan ng one year local experience. So sa nursing home muna.

  6. Grabeh Lyn super adventurer ka talaga ha! Buti naman at pinagbibigyan ka nang husband mo hahahaha... Wala bang choice? hehehe joke lang...

    Galing talaga ng pagkakuha mo ha.. lahat ng angle may picture. Adik ka nga! hehehehe...

    Happy Tuesday!

    My World on Tuesday

  7. I enjoy this journey through your part of the world through your eyes! My photos are really very poor so I can not reciprocate properly, but thanks for letting me visit!

  8. para na rin kaming nakapunta dyan,heheh ganda ng mga sceneries pala dyan. salamat po for sharing.

  9. the sunrise is magnificent! i enjoyed your photos---an interesting place to visit.

  10. I love all your pictures Lyn. you take good pictures. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place.

  11. The fantastic horizon is wonderful.

  12. Beautiful scenery, magnificent palace and stunning photography, Misalyn. We're planning an early morning trip here in the city soon. I think I have hubby convinceed. (ha) ((((Hugs))) Jo

  13. hi missy again! glad you had your break from work, fotos are fantastic! ^0^
    grabe ng place so hilly pero ang sights so pretty! ^0^
    si hubby, nilalamig na talaga! it shows! hehe,
    and finally a glimpse of you again here! ^0^

  14. Such fantastic scenes. You both gorgeous.
    Great captures Misalyn.
    Thanks for sharing your world.
    Enjoy and TC.

  15. what a beautiful sunrise...now, you made me want to wake up early and catch such wonder...maybe on spring time or summer, i will take my little one and have an early morning walk by the quay.

    i love the expansive view of the foggy desert. the rocky mountain is splendid!!!good for you and the hubby to have such wonderful time together.


  16. Such a very beautiful place. Thanks for an awesome sunrise.

  17. Thank you so much for bringing us on your road trip! I loved it! The landscape is just awesome! And so are the hotel and palace. Wow.

    Thank you very much for the award too. And when are you arriving here? Will you be staying in Manila too? If yes, then let's meet up! Email me at happyinmanila2008@yahoo.com. Except for a couple of days this Feb then again in April, I'll just be here.

  18. MISALYN - I WOULD HAVE TO EXAGGERATE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! EVERY PHOTO IS JUST SPECTACULAR! From the desserts, to the sunrise and up to the beautiful Hotel that seems like a Castle! Thanks for sharing tehse with us!


  19. perfect shot for a perfect sunrise! ayos! yung mga bundok dun parang walang keberde-berde naman.. hehe..


  20. Very interesting trip, Mis!
    And thank you very much for choosing my Hawaii blogs to be mentioned in your sidebar. Salamat!

    Doe this mean I might hope to join your blog roll?

    You are one of my favorite bloggers.
    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  21. Thank you for taking us on a fun road trip. Such wonderful architecture, Misalyn! Good capture, amazing composition. The last photo minus civilization is beautiful in itself. :)

  22. Love the "fog and cloud picture"; makes the following even much more worth.
    It provides as well happiness to see you two being able to enjoy such life together.

  23. i love all your photos girlash :) so happy for you and hubby that you had a wonderful holiday, hey sissy, love the pose ;) *winks*

    and thank you so much for the award :) i was trying to comment yesterday but i'm having trouble with the connections :( thanks again Misalyn for the award :) err... kaya lang alin dun sissy? dami mong award sa side bar e, you're the best sissy! muaaah!!! :)

  24. Great pictures. I love seeing all of the different cultures.


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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