Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guthra and Egal

Continuing last Monday's post about the UAE national dress for males, this time let me share about the guthra and egal.

Guthra is the headscarf worn by the males. The most popular colours are the plain white or the red and white checks but there are other colours like maroon, gray and black. The red and white checks are common to bedouins like what I have seen in Al Wagan, where most of the bedouins of Al Ain resides. Before I took these photos, I asked one of the the tailors if I can touch and feel the clothing and gladly he gave me one of the guthras on display for free (Thanks Mr. tailorman). Guthra's cloth is very soft and it feels so light.

Egal is the black rope that fixes the guthra in place. Some egals has dangling ropes ( aside from the round plain ropes) to accentuate the  beauty of the guthra.

I've noticed that most of the younger emaratis, especially in Dubai and central Abu Dhabi, do not wear their egal ( they like to wear jeans and shirts too) and they tie their guthra in a different way. They call it hamdaniya and this is what it looks like:

That's all about the guthra and egal. Will post about the Na-aal sometime next week.

Word of the day: malaabis is the arabic word for clothes. Salaam to all!


  1. Wow,galing naman,h0w ab0ut ang nati0nal dress para sa girl sis

  2. A fascinating posting about those clothing items for men! I feel like you took me shopping with you - very fun! Your blog music lifts my spirits every time I visit! Thanks!

  3. Hi sis coffeevegie addict, I will post about the UAE national dress for females after posting about the Na-aal, sometime next week.

    thanks for visiting. Glad that you liked my post for today. I love Josh Groban's song.

  4. Misalyn;) I cannot get enough of reading about your country. Amazing and fabulous. I could almost feel the guthra. What a blessing that the tailor gave you one for free. (((Hugs))) Jo

  5. Ditto all the foregoing praise. I especially liked the second picture with all the red and white--a lovely shot.

  6. It is a wonderful design.
    The tradition inherited from the ancient times has the beauty of its own.
    Thank you for a valuable introduction.

    Their smile is really splendid.


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