Friday, February 19, 2010

Bright and Sunny

This is our usual sky after the winter months, always bright and sunny. Goodbye sweaters, goodbye cardigans and goodbye boots. Welcome flip flops, cool and nice shirts plus high cool air conditioners.

from the back side of the VIP Bldg. of Tawam Hospital

UAE University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Go and visit Skywatch Friday and be delighted with the wonderful skies from all over the world.

Word of the day: mustashfa is the arabic word for hospital. Salaam to all!


  1. nice shot sis,dito winter padin and its raining kainis.....

    takecare always!


  2. Gorgeous clouds, they look rather like some kind of frolicking animals!! Beautiful blue skies, too! Wonderful captures! Hope you have a great weekend, Misalyn! Enjoy!


  3. wonderful shot. i felt your photos are so "clean" nothing out of order. very nice.

  4. Beautiful photos and a gorgeous sky.

  5. The desert is beautiful. Blue skies and happy clouds. I just came from the desert! (hehehehe, Death Valley dito)

  6. Ang sarap magpatuyo ng labada diyan! I wonder how many minutes will they dry all the laundry up?

    Mis thanks for your reply, ang problema Saudi boys ang husbands nila, parang awkward ang magsuot ng abaya, di ba very strict dun? So they plan to meet somewhere out of Saudi hee hee.

  7. Is that superman in the first picture?? hehehe...

    Ang ganda sissy! mainit na naman dyan parang dito sa Pilipinas dahail El Niño na.

  8. hi missy, ang ganda naman ng play nitong mga clouds.
    so clear ng mga skys lagi.

    and if you're complaining about the weather and goodbye to sweaters and stuffs, hay! wait till you get here...toasted heat po dito! haha! ^0^
    i wish you a nice weekend dear.

  9. It must feel nice to be able to work under such skies.

  10. Beautiful shots. The palm trees against the blue sky is wonderful.

  11. It is wonderful clear sky.

    I am glad in your having liked my new style.

  12. Really nicely formed clouds!! The blue for the sky is awesome!!!


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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