Friday, February 26, 2010

Skywatch Friday- Bye Winter!

After the rain 2 weeks ago, I knew that summer is coming. For almost 5 years that I am living here in UAE, I've noticed that rain is the significant sign of weather change. We have an extreme weather condition, when it's summer, the temperature can be steaming hot, and it can be as high as 50 degree celsius. During the winter months, it is very cold especially in the mountainous part of UAE. For the past 4 years, I've noticed that winter months are getting shorter compared to what I have experienced during my first year here in UAE.

Photos shown below are the typical skies during summer months; clear blue sky, sometimes with some clouds  and date palm trees providing the shades from the glaring hot summer sun.

migratory birds are gone.....

but doves will stay all year round

Oh! let me mention that during summer months, I am always sick. Most of the time, am having dry cough and it really irritates me, just like these past few days. Can't wait for the next winter months.*Sigh.

Entry post for Skywatch Friday hosted by Klaus with team members Slyvia, Wren, Louise, Sandy and Fishing Guy. Thank you Skywatch Team!

Word of the day: fasl al saif is the arabic term for summer. Salaam to all!
Happy skywatching!


  1. Beautiful ph0tos sis,i hate summer too,yung ub0 ko 1m0nth na di pa gumagaling para nak0 may hika and dahil yun sa klima sa pinas,sigh*

    W0nderful friday to y0u!

  2. Beautiful photos Misalyn, great capture of the dove in flight. Our summers are very hot also. My favorite season is spring when the temperatures are just right.

  3. Lovely series of sky views! Are you sure you didn't get the virus from me? Ubo...ubo..ako den may ubo pa. Get well soon Misalyn.


  4. Wonderful photos!Great to see!Thank you for sharing!Have a nice weekend!

  5. haha.. these winters I was sick!! can't wait for summers.. ☻ ☻
    i love the dusk and dawn of summers.. in the day i'm too busy to think about the heat! my post climatic chaos was all about how my city is !

  6. love the last photo girlash... beautiful! here winter is about to say goodbye, the sun shines everyday now, i am happy that the long winter is over :)

    stay healthy girlash, *hugs*

  7. What a beautiful series of sky shots. I love the birds on the lamppost and the last photo. I hope you feel better soon, Misalyn.

  8. Such a lovely group of beautiful skies! Love the birds! I do hope you're feeling better soon, Misalyn, it's no fun being sick. And I do hope you have a good weekend!


  9. love the doves.

    I'll trade you some of our cold damp weather for your steaming hot! xo

  10. Lovely sky pictures . The dove in flight is a particularly nice one .

    Hope you feel better soon.

    My picture was taken in Dubai :)

  11. Salaam with you too. I believe it really will be hot out there. If you want to move a little upwards for the Summer days, Portugal is a possibility. Though here is a little hot - not so hot anyway. I imagine you have a clear blue bright sky all Summer long... Thank you for your comment. Hugs.

  12. Beautiful skies!
    Great captures Misalyn.
    Happy weekend and take care.

  13. Beautiful skies and I love the birds and palms!

  14. Wonderful captures. Love the blue sky with the birds on the lamp post and the bird in flight. Great shots. Have a great Sunday!

  15. Always a joy to see your wonderful photography, and birds...always able to provide dreams.
    Spending more than three decades in North Germany and a summer temperature of about 28C arriving in Greece and its hot summer months does provide a challenge for me as well. First months couldn't sleep at all, providing time to visit such a wonderful blog though ;)
    A nice Sunday for you all.

  16. hi missy (again)... ^0^
    my fave one was those birds hanging around the lamps.
    so cute!

  17. Those shots are beautiful. Love the sunshine and the sunrays :-)


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