Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Al Ain Traffic Light Poles

I had a chance to photograph these traffic light poles yesterday after my clicking stint for our unit's (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) first year anniversary celebration on February 8, 2010 ( click HERE to read my post about it).

Anyways, moving on to my post for today, these traffic light poles are so unique (that's my personal opinion). I've been to the other emirates of UAE, from the highly urbanized  Dubai to the northern emirates Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, but I have never seen such beautiful and artsy traffic light poles like what we have here in Al Ain.

These shots were taken in Khalifa Street. Last year, the roundabout in this area was removed and these traffic lights were installed after the road was reconstructed.  If my memory serves me right,  four roundabouts were removed. Hmmm, okay let me think...2 roundabouts in Khalifa street, one in Al Ain Town center (Shaikha Salama Roundabout) and one! can't remember the name of the street!

Anyway, here are some of my shots. Please click the images to enlarge.

Roads are being monitored by traffic radars. The white object is the radar and camera.
Edited as of September 12, 2012: The white objects attached to the traffic light poles are not radars, according to Rodger from Al Ain Town Planning Department, those are cameras used to monitor the traffic situations on each lane. Please see comments below. Thank you Rodger.
That's all folks. This my entry for  Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer. Thank you Susan.

Word of the day: tariq is the arabic word for street. Salaam to all!


  1. Removing the roundabout was a great idea. Now the streets look more wider for easy flow of traffic.

    Those small cameras I have seen in Las Vegas, and they are really strict with speeding.

    These are nice shots.

  2. Those were elegantly installed radars. I wish we could have it here, question is...can we afford it? LOL!


  3. What artistic lampposts, Misalyn. Beautiful photos.

  4. Hi Sissy! Naku ang ganda naman ng traffic post ha in fairness pang mayaman talaga hehehe.

    Naku AL kaya natin bilhin yan kaso nga lang alam mo na pera ng bayan nasa bulsa ng mga pulitiko. Minsan masakit isipin na ang taxes natin ay napupunta lamang sa mga gahaman na opisyales na yan... hehehehe.. serious ba! wala lang...

    Happy Wednesday Lyn!

  5. im from al ain also and im a graphic designer. round about will not be abolished becoz they dont allowed in infrastructure like a crossroads, Cross, figured is not allowed in arab world of islam.

    Also visit tis site : have a nice day folks.

  6. @Mat Corral,

    Mabalos po sa pagbisita Mat Corral. Nahiling ko sa imong facebook account na taga Bicol man sana kamo.

    Taga sain po kamo igdi sa Al Ain?

    If you noticed, last year, 4 roundabouts were removed and were replaced by intersections. If you will look at the photos itself, you will see that it has an intersection and definitely form like a cross. I think, building an intersection has nothing to do with Islamic beliefs.

    Even the old Al Ain Clock tower was removed and replaced with an intersection with traffic lights. And they placed the new Al Ain Clock Tower on the west side of Al Ain Street last June 2004.

    I agree that not all roundabouts will be removed because there are historical signifance of it like Sheikh Zayed Roundabout, the Jabal Rounabout and the Diwan Roundabout.

    Thanks for the visit and hope to see again.

  7. elegante ng pole. hindi sila nagtitipid sa ilaw. great shot lyn!

  8. HI Misalyn, it's stupid when people relate any crossed figure as an anti symbol in Islam. Im a Muslim, and there's no reference to any shape being anti-Muslim... wherein the holy book of Quran which every Muslim reads from their childhood to their death, there's not a single word written AGAINST Jesus or the cross on which he was nailed.
    surprisingly. In Quran there's one whole Chapter on Mother Mary and the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, because Allah wanted that to happen. and that He'll appear on judgement day, which every Christian and Muslim believes will come on Friday.

    I read somewhere about the Burj Al Arab controversy that this is the biggest cross on Arab. If it is so, so what? When the Quran Sharif [ the book contain'g words of God] have a whole chapter based on Mother Mary and Jesus, so what's the shame of having the same cross on Arab? on which Jesus died [ and raised again] ... then it means A Muslim shud never use a plus "+" sign because it is also a cross, or they must not write letter "T" "t" because that also makes a cross further more they can't draw or use a yacht that also have a cross..

    Sometimes I feel Arabians are same pathetic people, which The prophet Muhammad wanted to change, Alas ! Even a traffic pole can raise up a controversy ..

    anyways, marvelous traffic signal poles..

  9. Hi Naqvee. Thank you very much for the information about the Holy teachings in Quran.

    I have yet to find out that
    controversy in Burj Al Arab.

    I myself was so surprised with that comment about the cross figure. Am living here in Al Ain City since 2005 and I have never encountered any Muslim telling me that an intersection represents or somehow look like a cross. There are lots of intersections here, and not only here in Al Ain, even in the other emirates. Most of all, even in Saudi, where the conservative Muslims are living, there are lots of intersections ( I asked my brothers who worked in Saudi before).

    Anyways, thank you so much for visiting me today and highly appreciate your time explaining it to our commentators here.

    Have a nice day my friend.

  10. I've never seen traffic light poles like these but I think it's a wonderful way to make a city beautiful and unique.

  11. What an interesting blog for today. I love the way you captured the street lights and hearing their background. I think they look very nice, but if they are like ours, you better stop at the caution light. They give very high tickets here. Enjoyed seeing such nice scenes from your country.

  12. I've never seen traffic lights like these before either and I think they're lovely and certainly add beauty to an intersection wherever it is. Thanks for an interesting post and marvelous photos as always, Misalyn!


  13. really nice pictures, hope to visit this place someday.
    looking at the pics the place is very clean.

  14. Mabuhay!

    You make common things interesting, Mis. Salamat

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  15. Dear Misalyn,
    I guess it would be very alluring to spend time looking towards the above, maybe even forgetting where one is, while trying to cross such wide streets.
    Always a safe step and road ahead of you; a wonderful Thursday as well.

  16. Love the street light poles and crossing guides. They are indeed very pretty. We have street lights and crossing guides like that but ours are plain and simple and the cameras definitely stand out!

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

    ~ Tracy

  17. The town is filled with very elegant decoration in your country.

  18. hi missy, very cool traffic posts!
    bkit wala tyo nyan dito? ^0^
    haha, very unique nga sya.

    almost forgot to say THANK YOU! sa bloggie gift mo! haha, appreciate it a lot!

  19. hi Misalyn, just to correct misconception about the camera on top of the traffic poles are not "radars", they are cameras used to monitor the traffic situations on each lane which is manned by officers at the traffic command center.

    al ain town planning dept.

    1. Thank you Rodger. I appreciate you dropping by my blog and share the info. Much appreciated.


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