Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Found this restaurant in Khalifa Street, few steps away from Al Falah Plaza. They are selling one of my favourites.......shawarma. Yummy! (am salivating hehehe). It is quite different from the Turkish shawarma that I used to buy in one of the food stalls in MRT Ayala station in the Philippines ( don't know if it is still there).

Middle eastern shawarma is a sandwich-like wrap of  shaved  meat (usually chicken, beef or lamb) dressed with garlic sauce or hummus; with potatoes, pickles, and tomatoes. Best eaten with  khuboz (arabic bread) that wraps the shaved meat. Here in Al Arish Restaurant, it is usually served with freshly squeezed fruit juices.

For more information about shawarma, click here.

Word of the day: mat'am is the arabic word for restaurant.

Will visit your blogs tomorrow. Need to get ready for my 3rd night shift later. Salaam to all!


  1. Hello neighbor. My mouth is watering in this moment. I need to find a good shawarma place here in Dubai. Until now everything i've tasted it was crap.

  2. Oh yum, I love Schawarmas!Have a good evening. Think of you working nights... (((hugs))) Jo

  3. Sounds similar to something Greek that I know about, with lamb only, the gyro!
    This sounds wonderful. We have a few middle eastern places around here that let us sample such wonderful things!

  4. Ahhh! if there's one thing i missed about life in the Gulf...it is Shawarma in garlic sauce...yummy!


  5. Misalyn, amazing timing, Doods and I had Shawarma last Saturday! Hahaha! Not homemade though. We discovered a resto called Alladin that serves Shawarma. Other than this new resto, we have a fave, called Shawarma King. Your photos are very sharp and clear! Makes my mouth water! :)

  6. Sounds very good!!! Nice photos.

  7. ano ba yan, kakagutom naman! pahingi po!

  8. Mmmm, that's the real stuff! Here, we have a lot of pakistani run places, where you can only find the turkish kind, strangely enough.

  9. I have enjoyed having shawarma here in California, at a restaurant run by a man from Syria, and some Greek restaurants sell a similar meal, which they call gyros.


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