Sunday, January 10, 2010

On Water Consumption

These photos are supposed to be my entry for Skywatch Friday, unfortunately, I was on night duty last Thurday and I was so tired after my shift. I went straight to bed and slept until four in the afternoon.

While surfing the net and after reading few articles about water conservation, I remembered these photos. Just wondering about the water consumption here in the UAE, specifically here in Al Ain, because of so many parks, garden roundabouts and fountains all over the city.

Please read this related *news that I found while surfing the net:
Water Consumption in the UAE amongst the Highest in the World ( Vol. 2 Issue No. 49 page 3 of Al Ain Times News)

Kindly scroll the page 'til you see the topic.Thanks. There's an interesting and informative table that might help you to calculate your water consumption per day.

 typical morning scene outside the hospital building during this season (winter, around 07:46 A.M.)

Have a nice day everyone. Let us conserve water, for our children and for the future generation.

Word of the day: *akhbar is the arabic term for news. Salaam to all!


  1. Beautiful photos, the first one with the clouds is just stunning. Great capture. With all those sprinklers going I can see how they would use way too much water, especially if it is done all over the city.

  2. hey Misalyn, Salam, dear you have highlighted a very worrisome problem through your blog, it is very important that we should conserve water but the world is not listening, its falling flat on government's ears, as I once raised the issue of so many fireworks on new year's eve every thing which is being done in excess is HARMFUL, as we are left with few resources in hands and if they become exhausted then what will we do?

    By the way, this shot is quite peaceful, perfect view outside the hospital, i hope it is watched by most of the patients!
    lots of love Naqvee

  3. Nice p0st sis,i just h0pe pe0ple in the w0rld will learn h0w to c0nserve water and learn to love our nature as well,for our future generati0n.

  4. Love the photos here... You are right sis we do need to conserve water for the next generation.. thanks for sharing..

  5. This is a topic that always confuses me, not because of the issue, but because of the complacency surrounding it.
    Green is beautiful, but so is brown and ocher and gray.
    And of course water quality would be my big professional thing....

  6. Looks like a beautiful, green day dawning!

  7. Photos are just beautiful but I do understand the concern about water. Last summer was very dry here in Ne. and we had to conserve water here also.

  8. What a glorious day and beautiful clouds with the morning glow!

    I could understand your high consumption of water, the heat.

    This is a great post reminding us how to conserve water, and I do check the leaks in my tap.

    P.S. RN din yung anak ko, kapapasa lang niya sa NCLEX last Sept.

  9. Wow, lawn sprinklers - here it would be ice crystals falling.

  10. In my opinion, this picture is just in the right time, a bit ahead of the spring that's for sure to come, it provides its message very well.
    Please have a wonderful start into the new week.

  11. Thank you for showing refreshing scenery.

  12. Marvelous photos, Misalyn, and a great post with beautiful skies. The water problem is a real one and one that needs more attention than it gets. Hopefully wisdom will prevail evenutally in all of our countries. Thank you for a very thoughtful post!



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