Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monochrome Weekend- A cat in Jebel Hafeet

I saw this cat resting  in the mountain cliff of Jebel Hafeet while I was clicking for the rock formations ( see previous post). As if he's/she's enjoying the view. He/she saw me coming and looked at me.

(please click the other images to enlarge)
All of the sudden, his/her gaze turned to the sound created by another critter.....

positioned himself /herself and stared with........

his/her mouth watering food........

this bird seem uneasy ( as if he/she sensed me taking a picture of him/her)

As I turned back my gaze to the cat, the bird flew and I missed to take some snaps. Sigh*. Poor cat. He/she will await for the next prey. Sorry kitty, better luck next time.

Entry post for The Monochrome Weekend  hosted by Aileni. Thank you Aileni.

Word of the Day: biss or bis'sa is the arabic word for cat. Quttah in old arabic. 

Salaam to all!


  1. Marvelous monochrome captures, Misalyn! Love the cat, searching for food! Yes, better luck next time! Have a lovely weekend!


  2. A great story in monochrome. Poor kitty, no dinner tonight. Misalyn, this was a fun post.

  3. Wow, Misaly, these are beautiful monochrome images. And I love cats - we have eight living in luxury at home in South Africa. We watch the feral cats here on the roofs opposite our flat. One comes to our door on the first floor - saw it one morning as hubby went to work. Now I place food out and yes, it's eaten. Thanks for the word AGAIN. Bless you my friend. Have a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

  4. Ohhhhh my G... what a scoop!! And those mountains...,love it.

    Nice weekend from Anne in Norway.

  5. Perhaps he'll catch a rodent? The terrain you've captured here is really different and well suited to monochrome- love your subject too! Have a lovely restful weekend best,

  6. wow..awesome monochrome photos sis... hehehe..gibugaw diay nimu iyang food nga si birdie...

    mine is up too.. i have a bad mono photo...kay my cam is broken..walay flash

    mine's here

  7. Salaam! Interesting shots and story - how did that cat get up there? Thanks for the arabic lessons.

  8. Excellent series that tells a tale.

  9. that is beautiful! if i didn't know you're in the gulf i would have mistaken the background as a glacier.

    have a lovely weekend!


  10. The way you've taken these makes it look like the cat's alone in a wilderness. Lovely.


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