Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Hardworking Camel

I thought my Green Mubazzarah fever is over but I was wrong. I forgot to share these photos of the hardworking dromedary camel in Green Mubazzarah. He's one of the main attractions in Mubazzarah park. For a fee of AED 15 ( USD 3 to USD 4), you will experience riding this tall and hardworking animal.

Can you see my hubby across the street?

While looking at the photos, I thought of editing it and adding some effects, I thought of making it sepia. Hmm I am delighted with the result.

Look! he's so cool!...okay..just hold on a! click! Hmmm I like this angle shot.

Hmmmm let me try to desaturate the colors and sharpen a little...hmmmm the image is just fine.

Okay Misalyn...enough!  You need to rest and sleep. There's another 'action' later. Before you sleep, ask your visitors to go and check out the other participants of this fun meme, the Camera Critters hosted by Misty Dawn.

Camera Critters
Okay guys, you heard (read) it right, go and visit .....and enjoy!!
 Word of the day: bas is the arabic word for enough. Salaam to all! Keep smiling.


  1. Very nice set of photos! Have a delightful Sunday! :-)

  2. I like the color versions because of his blanket and muzzle! I hope he's well taken care of. Sounds like a very interesting experience. Did you try it?

  3. What a fun post Misalyn, I really enjoyed seeing the camel. I like both the b/w and sepia versions but he is so colorful it is nice to see that as well.

    Like Hilda asked, did you ride him?


  4. hahaha... this is so cute. loved all the shades of camel. why is his mouth covered?

  5. FUN to see the camel! I will ride one before the end of my days! Interesting!

  6. I LOVED your hubby in the corner of the photo. Is he waiting [patiently] for you? Peaceful posture of camel; like Naqvee, I also would like to know why is his mouth covered? How does he eat? Thanks for this delightful post.

  7. Ah, nice to have a patient husband!! Terrific shots, Misalyn! I love the idea of a camel resting beside such a modern road! Terrific! Wonderful post and captures! I love your sense of humor! Hope you have a great week!


  8. I love your playful pictures of the camel. Thank you

  9. I like camels and your one is a good specimen, I prefer him in full natural colour myself, and I would love the chance to be taken for a ride upon his back.

  10. Good shots. Very nice to see a camel in color made more interesting with that protective cloth draped over. Poor thing, he must be tired or waiting for the next "passenger."

  11. Hello friends and visitors, sorry for the late reply. I had two night shifts.

    Yes, I tried and it was fun but at the beginning I was so scared of falling hahaha.

    The camel is well taken care of, feeding is almost 4x a day. His mouth is covered because some kids are afraid to see his mouth. Most of the 'passengers' are the kids.

  12. Loved seeing this beautiful creature up close and your sepia photos is great!
    Wishing 'bas' to us all. Happy Monday.

  13. indeed, its a hard working camel, i remember it serving my daughter. :) nice pictures of al ain here. keep it up nice blog. xlinks pls.

  14. yes i saw your hubby ;) i almost miss this girlash, love how you changed the photos into b&w or sepia, did you try to ride he camel?


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