Monday, January 18, 2010

Funny Friday and the Annular Eclipse

Band "Standing by my window ...listening for your call, seems I really miss you after all".....oh wait...why am I singing here? &%#@*?@....Hey! Misalyn you should start looking at the just few hours , you will witness the first Annular Eclipse of the year.

Okay, okay I must stay awake..08:00 a.m.....09:00 a.m. ...( eyes almost closed*)Countdown

Let me just take another shot before the eclipse happens....okie docs...wait! where's my sun glasses? okay ..there you go... let me open the door!

can you see the small moon?
Perfect!...okay, relax....wait...Yawn( Misalyn slowly lie down on her bed, few minutes later she's snoring ) ZzzzzzzzzZzzzzz.

02:00 P.M.Blag! brag! #%@*& Where's my camera? Oh my! it's gone. Khalas!

Photos shown above were taken last Friday while waiting for the first Annular eclipse. I was so sleepy, just knocked off from my night duty. I missed the moment huhuhu.

Word of the day:  tamam is the arabic word for good or perfect. Salaam to all!


  1. Oh wow Misalyn, so you have recently experienced an eclipse, that's cool! Good capture of that clear blue sky with the sun glaring on your lens -beautiful!

  2. Hi Ms. Tes...I missed the moment huhuhuhu..was waiting for it but i was so sleepy.

    those snaps were taken few hours before the eclipse.

  3. You must have needed the sleep! I like the sun shining through the interesting gate in the first one and the pretty sun glare in the second.

  4. I missed it as well. Your were sleepy, and I was busy.

    Both of us acted differently, but got the same result.

  5. Misalyn, you saw an eclipse!!! Plus you captured it! That is great. I do love all of your witty writing leading up to it.

  6. Marvelous captures, Misalyn! Even if you did miss the eclipse, but I can understand! Fun post and I always learn something new! Thanks! Have a great week!


  7. So very beautiful, my friend. Thank you.

  8. Salamat for the great pictures and for trying after a night of work!

    Mabuhy & Aloha, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  9. Eclipse? Oh yes, damn I missed that one! Hahaha.


  10. Oh Misalyn, that photo is just a masterpiece!
    How creative you are!


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