Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fountain of Hope and a Wishing fountain(?)

Have you ever made a wish while watching a fountain? Well, I haven't until I saw this lady while taking some pictures of this fountain in Al Sulaimi Park.

Aside from my fascination with the mosques, I also love watching fountains; that's why I tend to visit parks whenever I am off duty. I find it so relaxing and of course, it is a cost effective way of recreation (lol).

I was about to take this shot when I saw this lady with  a kid walking towards the fountain. I stopped and told her "Lawsamah'ti, sabar daqiqa, ana sawi sura" ( excuse me, hold on a minute coz I am taking some pictures). Here in UAE, it is prohibited to take pictures of  a woman in abaya unless the person gave her permission. I was waiting for them to step back but to my surprise she answered "Sige lang" (it's okay). Whew! a compatriot. I wanted to approach and talk to her but she appeared like busy thinking while holding the child.

After few snaps, I sat on the grass and I found myself thinking while looking at the fountain (while my hubby was busy looking at the other areas of the park)....wishing and hoping....and at the same time thanking the One from up above for the freedom that I have here even if I am living a Muslim country.

(I think, next time I will bring some coin, it's difficult to find something to throw at the fountain LOL)

Am linking this post to The Monochrome Weekend hosted by Aileni. Thank you Aileni.

Word of the day: lawsamah'ti  or afwan is the arabic term for excuse me. Please note that afwan is  NOT commonly used to say "excuse me" because afwan can also mean you're welcome. Salaam to all!

A blessed weekend to everyone.


  1. I like your post and your neat mono of this fountain! Water looks so refreshing!

  2. Lovely post, beautiful photo as always, Misalyn! Terrific capture for the day! Always enjoy my visits here! Hope your weekend has gone well so far!


  3. Can't yet decide, which part to be, the poetry, either the photography or the writing.

    Wonderful entry of yours. Please have a nice Sunday.

  4. A marvelous photograph. So glad you received permission because the figures make this image so much more powerful.

  5. Hi lyn! that is something! very very beautiful...very cool monochrome!

  6. What a magnificent fountain, the movement of the water is like breathtaking. Great photo Misalyn.

  7. refreshing is the word that comes to mind.....well done you!

    the woman seems taken by the fountains charm and the child looks like wanting to take a!

    wonderful mono!


  8. I do love your Tradition, what beautiful photo in B&W.
    Hope you're having a great day!
    I'll check the link. looks great.

  9. Beautiful shot! The woman and child seem to be enjoying the unusual fountain design, the falling water and cool mist.

  10. Magnificent water fountain! I guess my glasses would have some mist on them if I stood too close?!

  11. Pareho tayo Misalyn. I also love fountains. It gives me peace of mind the moment I hear the sound of flowing water.

  12. I love the contrast here, and the movement of the water. The shadowy figure of the woman brings more life to the picture. Beautiful.

  13. That's an elaborate fountain! Love the lighting. It reminds me of glasses overflowing with champagne!

  14. OMG, the fountains look like giant champagne glasses and overflowing with it!

    Great mono effect!

  15. A real beauty - and the onlooker at the lower left makes it even more of a beauty - adding the human touch. (I would have had a hard time coming up with a coin as well. Maybe the expectation these days is to throw in some of the paper stuff.)


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