Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fences #6

I saw these fences in one of the parks of Green Mubazzarah. Compared to down town fences, these are taller and the ornate object is smaller. Looking at the object, you'll see a date palm tree planted in the dunes or hajar mountain. That's exactly what I've noticed when I was there. From Naima District all the way to Jebel Hafeet District, I saw date palm trees planted in the sand dunes and in between stone or rock formations.

against the light shot
gate of the park,  few steps away from the huge artificial lake

Word of the day: sagheer is the arabic word for small. Salaam to all!


  1. Stunning captures, Misalyn! You do take us on such marvelous tours of your country/city! I always learn something new along with a new word each day. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your country! And, thanks as always for your visits and comments! Have a great day!


  2. Gorgeous! I love the gate, its design is so ornate!

  3. تصاميم أنيقة جدا والأسوار.

    وعلاوة على ذلك ، وراء الجبال المقدسة.

  4. I love your decorated fences posts, Misalyn. I too learn a bit more about your beautiful city each time AND a valuable new Arabic word. Thanks!

  5. You find some of the loveliest gates and fences!

  6. That's a beautiful fence and lovely shots!
    It's a bit ironic though that the trees in the gardens are NOT palm trees, no?

  7. Wow..I see what you mean. This is cool Misalyn! I find gates intriguing anyway and these are all really nice captures- great subject-

  8. They all so fun & colorful - Great shots!

    I'm following your blog so I can come back & visit often! Thanks

  9. like you said, you have a thing for fences! ^0^ hehe,
    my fave shot was "against the light", pretty!
    question though, what time when you took these shots, parang walang tao kasi, parang tahimik...

    btw, hello to cdp world! finally, you're here! ^-^

  10. Beautiful and simply fantastic shots !! Great Blog you have !!


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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