Monday, January 11, 2010

Arabic Tent and Shisha

This tent is currently on display in one of the shopping malls here in Al Ain City. It is not a typical arabic tent, but a modern and commercialized one. Tent is one of the arabic symbols of hospitality. Visitors and guests will be offered with arabic tea or coffee and dates.

arabic tent ( with hubby  and a local emarati sitting on the arabic cushions-taken with permission)

arabic cushions

miniature shisha

Shisha is a water pipe used for smoking purposes.The tobacco is heated by coals and the smoke is purified and cooled through the water after which it emerges through the the suction tube, from where it is smoked.  Flavors can vary from the popular apple, mint, strawberry, rose and apricot to the super cool grapes (according to some of my arabic friends). Most of the arabic restaurants and the modern hotels provide a smoking area. Here in Al Ain City, I have seen it in some restaurants and even in 5-star hotels though I have yet to experience what it is like smoking using a shisha. I hate smoking, but for the purpose of experiencing the arabic shisha, I'll try it one of these days :)

Word of the day: khayma is the arabic word for tent. Salaam to all!


  1. I will be happy if surrounded by such splendid furniture.

    Thank you for showing a wonderful view.

  2. What a lovely visit to such a lovely place!! And best of all, I learn something about another culture! Thank you, Misalyn, for visitng my blog and for your very lovely comments! They are indeed appreciated and I hope you gain something from my posts as I gain from yours. Enjoy!


  3. What an interesting posting of that kind of store! That Shisha is cool looking!

  4. Wow Misalyn..I must of come here because I've seen some of the photos below but this is really a cool treat! Not only are the photos unique and beautiful they are informative in a delightful way- Thanks!

  5. Musta kabayan. Jst droppin by here. Napadpad.

    Cool blog!

    Greetings from frozen Stockholm.

  6. It's now close to three in the morning, and you might only imagine how alluring the photography does look to me.

    Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

  7. Thanks for this view of your culture. Very interesting.

  8. The finest cushions and materials. I have seen the shisha only in the movies!

  9. Hello everyone. Thanks for your comments... I am grateful to all of you for stopping by my blog and for commenting.

    As much as I want to visit your sites, I just can't do it today. Most probably i'll do it tomorrow. My night duties has started last monday night and I still got 1 remaining shift tonight. Need to rest and sleep to prepare myself for my last night shift for this week.

    See you tomorrow. Again, thank you so much.

  10. Misalyn i want to thank you again for your wonderful b day comments :)

    and as always you did a great job on this photo, alam mo girlash may uwi akong shisha teeheee ;) binitbit ko talaga sya from Egypt to here ;) your post remind me of our trip to Egypt... thanks for sharing Misalyn...

    God Bless you my dear friend and do take a rest you deserve it.

  11. Hi Maricar. Magandang travel souvenir talaga ang shisha, yung miniature for display purposes. Marami nga nyan sa Egypt kasi mahilig magsmoke sa shisha ang mga Egyptians na nakikita ko dito.

    To everyone,

    As per my statement above, I am supposed to be working tonight but I got a terrible this afternoon headache due to hypertension, I decided to take a leave, went to Naima Clinic and sought for Doctor's help. After taking the newly prescribed antihypertensive medication, the headache's gone. And here I am posting again and visiting your blogs. I won't stay long infront of this laptop but I promise that I'll visit your sites as soon as I can.


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  13. What an interesting posting of that kind of store! That Shisha is cool looking!


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