Sunday, January 31, 2010

Al Ain Mosques # 2

It's weekend once again and it's time for Al Ain Mosques series.This mosque is just a stone thrown away from my place. Located in 3rd Street Al Mutaredh District, Hazza Mosque Com. It has 2 domes and 1 minaret. There are 2 mosques in Hazza Mosque Com. This is the small mosque. Click HERE to see and compare the big mosque in 11th street.

These shots looks slightly blurred because of the fog, taken this morning at 08:35 AM with gloomy sky and the temperature was fine at 14 degree celsius.

(please click the other images to enlarge)
front door and the domes
the minaret

Word of the day: ith-nain is the arabic term for two. Salaam to all!
A blessed weekend to everyone.

(I will visit your blogs tomorrow. I need to get some decent sleep in preparation  for my second night shift.)


  1. Beautiful clean images, Misalyn. Bless you and have a wonderful weekend. How long till you go on leave?

  2. All worship places have a beauty attached to them.. isn't it. Mosques means a lot to us Muslims. thanks for this b'ful shot.. there's an award at my blog for you, can u plz come and grab it !

    love Naqvee

  3. An impressive tower. I can almost hear the calls to prayer.

  4. Quite modern compared to the other one, but if the entrance is any indication, it looks like it's going to be quite magnificent inside.

  5. I do love those minares, and arhitecture of those Mosques ,
    Beatifully captured, Misalyn.

  6. For sure you were able to provide a wonderful sight of the more than two sides of this mosque - proofing that it is always worth to go around and see the front and not always the back (side of life).

    A wonderful start into the new week and month for you all.

  7. despite gray sky, the images came beautiful Misalyn. i am learning a few words from you, salaam to you too :)

  8. nice and interesting architecture! Have a nice weekend too!

  9. Pwede kayang punasok sa mosque kahit hindi muslim?

  10. The domes and the minarets are so impressive. I am curious to see what is inside, never been to one.

  11. It is the tower of a very beautiful design.

  12. Hello Misalyn, congratulations on your award and thank you for passing it. I love awards it makes me feel special hehe.



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