Saturday, January 23, 2010

Al Ain Mosques # 1

Mosque architecture fascinates me...the dome, the minarets and its color, usually pastel shades with touch of pan arab colors. Since UAE is a Muslim country, it is very common to see mosques all over the country. Here in Al Ain City alone, you'll see these mosques from one block to another block though it has minor differences in color, number of domes and number of minarets. I've decided to feature one mosque each weekend  and  I'll be using the arabic numbers for the word of the day.

I saw this mosque in Al Majlood Com., 12th Street corner 4th Street of Al Muwaiji District, around 10 to fifteen minute drive from Al Ain Town Center. It has one big dome and 2 minarets.

Instead of showing the usual moon crescent typical of mosque's dome, I took this photo with the real moon aligned at the top of the dome.

Word of the day: waahid is the arabic word for one. Salaam to all!


  1. nice shot, dito bawal magkukuha ng picture. conservative mga arabo.

  2. Some wonderful night photos of that magnificent looking mosque! I like how you captured the moon, too! Salaam, Misalyn!

  3. It is a magnificent work of architecture, mosques.a wonderful sight to behold especially with the moon gracing the night.

    congratulations! you are turning really really good in photography....addictive, isn't it?


  4. Seeing these mosques reminds me of the tales of Arabian Nights.

    The alignment of the moon and dome is just a terrific shot!

  5. Jess is right. I wish to take photographs of their mosques here in Saudi (dahil ung iba, nakakamangha ang arkitektura) but because I may end up in jail, hindi ko magawang kunan sila ng litrato.

    Islamic architecture is very impressive. Talagang magarbo at very intricate ang mga dibuho.

    Nice photos.

  6. What a wonderful contrast to see, the night of the dark, and the bright white of that mosque.

  7. I like Mosques; great work of architecture and what great skills in capturing this.
    Thanks Misalyn for sharing this!


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