Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weeds and my observations

Let me share something different today. These are plain observations about the weeds. You might wonder why all of the subjects, I have chosen the weeds. I think it is simply because I find it interesting. Aside from its different colors and shapes, I find them beautiful in their own way.

It was May 3, 2005, my second day here in Al Ain, when I first noticed the weeds here in UAE as I walked  around Al Ain street and Khalifa Street. That time,I was wondering why they keep the weeds growing all over Al Ain City. I find it amazing how they keep it well trimmed and use them as an ornamental plant. Most the weeds growing here is the fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum and Pennisertum alopecuroides), which is a  perennial bunch grass that is native to North Africa.


maroon and white


weeds at Al Jahli Park

weeds at Al Ain  Street

Here in UAE, it is really difficult to plant flowers and trees because of the hot weather especially during the *summer months and August being the hottest, temperature can be 50 degree celsius. Good thing that fountain grass is drought tolerant and it thrives in warmer and  drier areas like here in the middle east.

Coming from a tropical country (Philippines) with rich soil that is very convenient to plant trees and flowers, I seldom find weeds along the busy streets.I always remember my mother asking me to deracinate the weeds in our little garden when I was young and back home, I have never seen them as an ornament and most the gardeners will uproot them. Unlike here in UAE, you'll find them everywhere, be it in the busy streets, parks, roundabouts and gardens. They take good care of the weeds and I admire them for it. Gardeners water the plants including the weeds almost five times a day.

After reading some articles about the weeds, I came to know that fountain grass is an ornamental plant and it has been introduced to South Africa, Hawaii, Australia, a Spanish Island Tenerife and in western United States.

Sometimes, it is nice to look at those little things around us. We will learn something from it and we will appreciate the difference between places.

Word of the day: *fasl al saif  is the arabic term for summer. Salaam to all!


  1. Misalyn, I enjoyed your observations of the weeds. I live in the Western US and all of those plants are considered ornamental grasses here. I have one in my yard and would love to have more. I have learned something from you today and I will look at the plants I consider weeds a little differently.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. My neighbor has some of the ornamental grass or weeds that you show and they survive the winter well here in the mid plains area. I will have to look for the pink one. I like that. Thank you for showing us what they truly are.

  3. Here in the Sonoran Desert ornamental grasses are commonly used in landscaping because they are drought tolerant. Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Thoughtful post as usual, Mis

    Aloha, Friend!
    Happy Holidays

    Comfort Spiral

  5. Nice pictures,

    Happy holidays to you to.

    Kind regards,

  6. Like the way you connect life to nature - both ever ongoing, always forward, always anew, year-in, year-out,yet fragile like the weeds you see, show.

    Please have a wonderful Friday.

  7. Hi Misalyn,
    I am shortly moving to Al-Ain to work at al-Ain Hospital. Your photos are very inspiring and beautiful! I look forward to posting some of my own, just hope i am as good a photographer as you..


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