Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My World Tuesday-Al Ain Clock Tower

Al Ain Clock Tower stands at Al Ain Street in Al Ain Town Center. Way back 1960’s; it stood in the same roundabout with falcon atop of a cube shaped clock and with observation room underneath supported by 4 concrete supports and sorrounded with colorful flowers and some fountains. Last June 2004, the old clock tower was removed and the roundabout was replaced by an intersection with traffic lights. You'll find this 'huge clock' along the gardens of  the President's Palace by Sheikh Khalifa.

I wonder why it is still called 'tower', it isn't towering at all. Hmmmnnn, I need to read further about it. Photos shown below are the images of Al Ain Clock Tower at present.

by daylight
by night ( with hubby  hahaha)

An entry post for My World Tuesday hosted by Klaus with team members Wren, Sandy, Louise, Sylvia, and Fishing Guy, thanks to you guys. Go and visit the other participants and learn something about their world.

Words of the day: burj as-sa’a is the arabic term for clock tower. Salaam to all!


  1. nice post again Misalyn and interesting, you're right why it's called "tower"? research girlash research ;)

    cute nga with hubby at night teehee ;)

  2. That is a magnificent clock and the fountains are a beautiful added feature. The second shot with your hubby shows just how huge the clock really is.
    Did he wind it while he was up there :)

  3. Huge clock! So does anybody still wearing a watch?


  4. Great post love the clock, it is enourmous!

  5. Your photos are all so unusual to me and I am very sure commonplace for you. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I love all your ph0tos,feels like im in al ain to0,hehe.

  7. Very nice pictures of a nice clock. Especially love the night shot.

  8. @Maricar,
    Oo nga girlash, need ko pang magresearch, kulang pa talaga ang info eh.Salamat sa palagiang pagdalaw.

    You made me laugh out loud with the "did he wind it" question. hahaha. thanks for visiting.

    i may not wear my wristwatch anymore if I'll go to the Al Ain Town Center :)

    Thank you and hope to see you gain.

    @coffeeveggie addict,
    thank you. am happy to hear (read rather) that. Isa yan sis sa purpose ng blog na ito. To make the visitor feel na nasa Al Ain sila.


    Thank you for stopping by blog and for commenting. I like the night shot also simply because hubby is there hahahaha.

    Hope to see you again.

  9. hubby sure looks small in this foto, haha! ^0^
    nice post of a.m and p.m, definitely striking big sundial!


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