Saturday, December 26, 2009

Monochrome Weekend-Beauty

I've been to Lulu Saloon *yesterday . I saw this wall painting in the middle of the Threading Room.

Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.
~ Albert Camus

Go and visit The Monochrome Weekend hosted by Aileni to check out the monochrome maniacs.

Word of the day: *ems is the arabic word of yesterday. Salaam to all!


  1. Interesting image. It's one dimensional in the way surface beauty often is.

  2. sure is a beauty!

    Happy New Year Sissy!

  3. Great painting, I'd love to see it in color too.

  4. Hi Merry blessed Christmas to you and your family. May you have joy and peace always in your heart !

    fROM tHe Dessert oF Saudi Arabia!...

  5. You have placed that delightfully curved neck right at the centre of your image, Misalyn, where all the action is happening with the makeup brush.

    Health and happiness for 2010.

  6. Already preparing yourself for the party? ;) You're like the "Lady in Red" (looking wonderful) by Chris de Burgh. Love from Sylvia. My best wishes to you and the ones you love.

  7. Assume that real beauty does not know a word like 'ems', but an eternal present.
    Please have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. Beauty is way more than skin deep, right? Oh, a threading room? never seen that term - same as a dressing room? Learn new things every day.

  9. I googled 'threading room' - see that it is a place to have your eyebrows managed. Oh my...

  10. Misalyn, im lucky to come over here, its truly b'ful. your every picture speaks trust my words. why don't you exhibit them? so niceeeeeeee.. loads of luv. hav 2 b a follower here too.

  11. this is an eye-catching painting. the quote made me smile...the quest for "beauty" drives men & women to the plastic surgeon.:p

    P.S. re Christmas tradition (the lack of it), yes, it's because of religion.

  12. I wasn't around last weekend and missed this post. I love the painting, so symbolic of the quest for perfection. The Camus quote is perfect for this photo.


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