Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 38th UAE National Day!

At Al Baladiya District, Al Ain City. Roads are decorated with lights in pan arab colors.

As an expatriate living here in UAE for more than 4 years, I want to thank my host country and  all the Emaratis around the world .On this joyous occassion, my warm greetings to all UAE nationals . Happy 38th United Arab Emirates National Day on 2nd and 3rd of December!!

Word of the day: Shukran is the arabic word for thank you.


  1. How very lovely! It is truly an amazing sight.

  2. hi misalyn, happy 38th to your uae friends and expats.
    you captured the night scene perfectly! ^-^

  3. Thanks Lucy and arabesque.

    UAE National day is such a festive season for emaratis. Streets can really tell because of its extravagant decorations.

    Have a nice day ladies.


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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