Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fences #5


You will find these fences in Central District at the back of President's Palace and infront of Etihad Booking office/building.Its design is quite obvious.It is a date* palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera) which belongs to the family of Arecacea.

Word of the day: ashjar is the arabic word for tree.
*(I will post an entry about the date tree and its fruit sometime this month.)


  1. yup,.. it's confirmed, you and the fences... you have a thing for them. ^-^
    lovely pictures, very bright and sunny day there!
    question though, the place seems quiet? early in the mornin perhaps?

  2. Misalyn THANKS for your so kind words on my blog.
    Your pics hooked me as always.
    Your blog caught my eye and touched my heart.
    love and hugs

  3. Those sure are "ornate". Very interesting.

  4. @arabesque,
    Hahaha..i am such a sucker of fences hehehe. I had a nice time wandering around the streets at 07:00 AM. Roads and streets are quiet in the morning because of the holiday fever at night time.

    It is my pleasure my dear. As I have said, i love visiting your site.

    Nice to see you again Kay. Thanks for visiting.

    Yes, those fences are "ornate" symbolizes the great culture and heritage of UAE. Dates is staple food of the emaratis , even during the era of bedouins.

  5. Misalyn,

    I have been scrolling through your posts and your photos are beautiful as is your country. I really like the fences, the symbolism of the designs is very interesting.

    I will be following to see more of your wonderful photos. Hope you will join me as well.



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