Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bawadi Mall (part 1)

Let me take you to the largest shopping mall here in Al Ain, UAE and have a look at the structures and decorations that fascinates me. It may look ordinary to others especially for those living in the areas with big shopping malls but I did look at it in a different way. Say, in my ‘artistic eyes’ way. Its interior and exterior wall is mainly inspired from the traditional Islamic architecture yet the aura of vibrant modern architecture is there.

Bawadi Mall is a super regional type of mall. Developed by Nael & Bin Harmal Inv. Co. and its main contractor was Nael & Bin Harmal Hydro Export. It has a gross leasable area of 110,000m2, with 400+ stores and 3,500 parking spaces [Source].Strategically located 6 kms to the southeast of Al Ain town center on Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan road. It is about 5 to 10 minutes drive but if you will take the bus, it will take you about 20-30 minutes.

Last week, we've been there to buy some stuff. At the entrance of the mall, these small fountains will make you stop by. It may look ordinary but it gave me a feeling of calmness by merely looking at the water.
A closer shot awed me even with the simple movement of water and its soft pastel and earth colors made me smile.Reminded me that water is truly a unique form of liquid that occupies shape and space.

Right after the moment of calmness, here's the elevator that truly fascinates me.
 I love the water dripping from the string-like structures attached to the elevator from top to bottom. Its soft sound is like a magical rhythm.
And that is the 'watery' part of the mall.I'll post the continuation next week.

That's my Watery Wednesday and my great Outdoor Wednesday experience.
Thanks to 2sweetnsaxy for hosting the watery meme and to Susan of A Southern Daydreamer  for the great outdoor meme. Before you leave, please take a small piece of cake, sure it will melt in your mouth.
Word of the day: youm al arbaa is the arabic term for wednesday.Salaam to all!


  1. Wow, what a nice water feature. Lovely capture as well.

  2. See my tickling ang wiggling got nice pics there..

  3. Reminds me of the 'teardrop fountain' in a shopping centre in Sydney called Roselands built in the 1960s.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. oh my..nkakalula naman itong mga photos mo sis....these are awesome watery shots...that elevator is indeed fascinating...grabe!

    thanks for the visit

  5. Stunning water features! Especially love the fall of water from the elevator! And love your artist's perspective!

  6. Hi Sis! Ang ganda naman ng mall na yan! at sympre ang ganda ng mga pictures! Lovely shots!

  7. Fascinating mall, excellent photos.

    All the best :)
    Regina In Pictures

  8. water features in malls relieve the stress somehow.:p the fountains here are beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  9. you've got a very beautiful photos, so fantastic. The places are nice too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. That mall is so cool Misalyn!

  11. That elevator is awesome! I would love to hear the water on the strings.

  12. Lovely capturs and fountains. I love the water on the strings.

  13. indeed Misalyn it's wonderful you got good eyes girlash for beautiful and interesting subjects ;)

  14. It is dreamlike space.
    Anyone may surely spend happy time here.

    From the Far East.

  15. I try to stay out of the malls. However, this is one I would dearly like to see. Very pretty and makes shopping a pleasure.

  16. This is an awesome mall. I could really boost the economy in there! lol!! How fun it would be just to see it!

    Happy holidays! :-)


  17. I really like your mall. I would like to have that across the street from me!!! Unusual in my eyes but very commonplace in those who live there.

  18. My husband always tells me about the Malls in your area of the world and how visually beautiful they all are and now I know what he is talking about.

  19. That's beautiful mall .awes0me elevator...

  20. The water feature is very lovely - soothing.


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