Thursday, November 26, 2009

Colorful Stone Camels

Been to Al Jimi Mall  yesterday night with hubby.It's pay day and we decided to treat ourselves. Of course I pampered myself with clicking for some nice sceneries and streets of Al Ain as Eid Al Adha celebration is just around the corner. Clicking is such a satisfying relaxation technique.

I have seen these stone camels for the nth time and never bothered to appreciate its uniqueness, but this time around, I decided to clicked my camera to share it with you.Nowadays, I appreciate even the little things around me.

Maqam has stone deers whilst Al Jimi Mall has stone camels.

Word of the day: jamal is the arabic word for camel.

Have a nice day ahead fellow bloggers. Maasalam(a)!


  1. Nice pictures!pansin ko very c0lorful ang al ain!?parang sarap tumira dyan,hehehe

  2. Salamat kapatid.Nawiwili talaga ako ngayon sa pagpipicture. Parang lahat ng nasa paligid ko ay colorful hahahaha.

    May mga bagay at dahilan na masasabi ko na masarap din tumira dito , pero meron din namang mga bagay at dahilan kung bakit minsan gusto ko ring umalis dito. Waaa ang labo ko. Basta yun na yun hehehe.

    Gandang huwebes.

  3. The photos are well-taken.

    Xensya na pero galit ako ngayon!

  4. Thanks Glampinoy.

    Bakit naman galit ka ngayon? Check ko nga blog mo ngayon ng malamn ko kung bakit.


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