Monday, November 23, 2009

Fences #4

Its design is quite obvious.Mosque is the house of worship of our Muslim brothers and sisters. You will find these fences along Central district in then Sheikha Salama Mosque Roundabout which was replaced with a three-lane bricks road with traffic lights monitored by radar.

Word of the Day: Sheikh or Shaikh is an arabic word  for elderly male members of a tribe or a term of respect, it is comparable to elder in English language. Shaikha or Sheikha is the term for elderly female leader. UAE rulers are Sheikhs including their offsprings whereas in Kuwait they are called emirs.


  1. the second photo is picture perfect! keep clickin' Misalyn! ;)

  2. Hmm those are unique gate designs!


  3. @Cher,

    Oh! Thank you very much. You really made me smile.Your comment really warms my heart.

    thanks for visiting. Yes, those are truly unique, my firt time to see such kind of fences.

  4. Hi Jaypee. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for commenting as well.

  5. It is the view which there are the various gates, and is pleasant.

  6. I wanted to learn Arabic before and in fact bought a dictionary.

    Best wishes...

  7. @Ruma,
    thanks for visiting.

    Will post an arabic word in every entry photo of mine. I do speak basic arabic and bought a dictionary as well. There are minor or little differences between Saudi Arabia and here in UAE when it comes to arabic language.

  8. Misalyn

    What an absolutely gorgeous site. I feel home sick for Al Ain after seeing all the photos ... and yet I AM home, in Central Australia.

    Al Ain is one of the nicest large cities I have seen and you are capturing it very well.

  9. Thank you for visiting Robin and thanks for that heart warming comment. Coming from a person who lived and experienced the life in Al Ain,it really mean so much to me.

    Wish I could experience what is it like living in Central Australia.

    Keep safe and take care.


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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