Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Al Tayr

While wandering around the hospital gardens, I saw these birds and  as usual I clicked my camera for a memento. They looked ordinary but these are migratory birds. During the colder months, usually from October to January, I often see them and hear them chirping. From the hospital gardens, roundabouts, date trees, downtown Al Ain and Green Mubazzarah...they can be everywhere.

By the way, falcon is the national bird of UAE and it symbolizes force and courage. One of these days, i will post an entry about the falcon.

Word of the day: tayr is the arabic word for bird.


  1. The photography of the bird is difficult.
    However, it is caught very beautifully.

  2. How wonderful photography! I liked the woodpecker the most :)

    Garden Lizard

  3. salamat po sa payo!
    opo, magaundergo na po ako ng test sa lalong madaling panahon, kaso wala pang time na pumunta sa ospital... umiinum na lang muna ako ng gamot pg may sign ng allergy. salamat po ulit!

    ganda naman dyan!!!
    sana oneday makapunta ako... gusto kong malibot ang mundo!

  4. @ruma,
    Thanks ruma.yes, it was quite difficult to capture the subject. my first bird photo.

    thanks for stopping by my photoblog and for commenting.

    you're welcome at salamat na rin sa pagdaan dito sa photoblog ko.

    Sana malaman mo na kung saan ka may allergy.

    Bata ka pa, dami ka pang maaabot at mapupuntahan, in His time mangyayari yan.


Marhaba! SHUKRAN JAZILAN for taking time to reading my posts and posting your comments.

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